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Client Feedback

"I had severe leg and shoulder pain, both on the right hand side. Helen was able to do my sessions remotely as I was unable to travel. The pain had come on after a very turbulent time in my life but I didn’t connect that they were related until I was able to release emotions with The Emotion Code. Not only did the pain reduce and then eventually disappear it also shifted my fear of being in crowded places that I had suffered with for years. It's amazing how its all related and I am very thankful I found Helen and the wonderful help she has given me, she is a gem." Amy T.


"Low mood, long gone! Wow is all I can say about Helen and her healing magic. I have had sad low mood I think all my life and always looked at happy people and wondered what I’m doing wrong. After the very first session I felt like I had been let out of prison. I couldn’t believe it, I thought this won’t last and then the next day it was even better. I have had several sessions now and I’m coping with life situations that would have sent me into isolation for weeks, now its a breeze. Trapped emotions are energy suckers and now I feel on top of the world. I am so happy I found this healing. Thank you Helen." Rebecca G.

"I was very sceptical at first as I have no idea of Chakras or healing, but Helen came highly recommended by a trusted friend, so thought, what have I got to lose…my back pain hopefully. I was very relaxed and struggled not to fall asleep during my treatment, I could have stayed for a week. I realised I was so stressed at work as the emotions came up, she was spot on with every single one. I did feel very different in my body, like i'd had an oil change and my back pain was down by at least 50%. I didn’t think I would, but I looked forward each week to getting rid of this unwanted emotional baggage, it's a cliché but it has changed my life for the better." George L.

"I came to Helen, who is so lovely by the way, with terrible foot pain. Getting out of bed was so painful at times, I had to crawl to the bathroom. I had been back and forth to the doctor and was on pain relief. I didn’t want this to be my story so I went on the hunt for a holistic approach. I knew Helen when she worked as an Aromatherapist, I reached out to see if she knew of someone and she explained what she was doing now and that she would help me. I wasn’t sure if I even had trapped emotions as I had had a pretty ordinary life but I was willing to try anything. Well I was most certainly wrong, I had been squirrelling away massive amounts of ‘un-dealt with’ emotions from breakups, being bullied at 7, demanding bosses, missed flights, bad exams, acne, weight gain, redundancy, the list goes on, I thought I had dealt with it all but I had just tucked it away for a rainy day. Once I started releasing I found it quite fun, I came to Helen each session with a new scenario and we got rid of the baggage. My foot pain left in 3 sessions and never returned, 10 months later I’m skipping out of bed, well not quite but my feet are totally pain free and no more pills." Avery C.

"I am a client of Helen's but this time I asked for help for my dog. She hates going to vets, panics, won’t eat and gets very emotionally distressed. We were out for a walk and she ate some grass, this is not unusual but I noticed she seemed to be sneezing a lot, long story short she got a blade of grass stuck between her throat and nose, she had to go to the vets and be sedated and have it removed. She was cold and distant and incredibly annoyed when she came home, like we had broken her trust by taking her somewhere she is scared to go. Helen worked on Sadie for 3 sessions and she is a completely different dog. I had no idea that animals can get trapped emotions but she was able to release so many. Not only does she have zero problem going to the vets any longer, she is the happiest little dog, it’s like she has been given a personality transplant, I love it…and her." Carol B.

"I had never heard of the Emotion Code but I had been receiving Reiki from Helen for years. I knew that I was due for a tune up as I had been struggling with my mental health due to the pandemic. Once I was able, I booked in with Helen and I’m so glad I did. My Chakras were so closed that I felt like a battery that never charged past 30%.  I instantly felt better.  Helen asked if I wanted to try the Emotion Code and I was intrigued. I’m into healing but not massively into talking about my feelings so i was a little reluctant but its not like that, the emotions come through the subconscious and then in a few moments they are gone, it felt great and really impressive. The next day I gave some feedback and I was amazed by the level of clarity I felt, I was able to feel and think my way through situations and the outcomes were really positive. My wife said i had been injected with life again and she wanted in! We are both very happy clients and when we can’t see Helen in person, zoom is just as great." Jeremy F.

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