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What is Energy Healing?


Reiki Healing 

Reiki is a complementary form of energy therapy. It is a Japanese technique for

relaxation and reducing stress that also promotes healing.  In Japanese ‘Rei

means universal wisdom and ‘Ki’ means life energy, Reiki is therefore vital life 

energy guided by universal wisdom. Reiki is pronounced ‘Ray-Key’.

In a Reiki treatment, your practitioner will place their hands over or on various

parts of the body and transfer healing energy.  They will become a vessel and

energy healing will flow through them to your energy field. When your energy field is low due to stress, illness or

just a very busy life style it can make life much harder to navigate, just like having a low battery.

By using Reiki we raise the vibration levels of the body, resulting in our whole being feeling recharged with harmony, balance and peace.

Reiki is a simple, gently and relaxing treatment, the energy will go to wherever in the body it is required.

Reiki is not attached to any religion or belief system so it is suitable for all walks of life including your well loved pets.

This treatment is so soothing and un-invasive that it’s as if you are getting a warm protective embrace from the universe.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the link between our hard working bodies and the energy all around us. We have chakras located all over the body, however we have 7 main energy centres that interact  with each other and keep the energy flowing. When individual Chakras are balanced they regulate the energy that comes in and out of the body, so you will feel healthy and energised but not overloaded. When they are balanced they work like an orchestra, in harmony with each other.  But if they are weak or damaged its like some instruments in the orchestra are playing terribly out of tune, it's no longer harmonious or a pleasure to listen to. This is your body's message that you are under too much strain. Chakras are like windows, when they are clean and open easily, they allow in the light and fresh energy; If they are permanently stuck closed, life can become stuffy and stagnant and if they are permanently blown open you can feel unprotected and vulnerable. Just like windows, Chakras need a good clean sometimes and this is where I can help.


Using Reiki and my Spiritual intuition, I will scan your body to see which of your Chakras are balanced or which ones may need some healing. I see your energy centres as spinning orbs of energy and I will work to get them spinning at a speed that resonates with your body for balance and recovery. This may take a few sessions to raise the vibration and have them spinning, as life events can knock them easily if they are damaged or weakened. It may have been some time since they connected with each other so there is an adjusting period but once there is a healthy balance they will self adjust with practice and intention.



The Root (Base), Red, The Root connects you to the earth, nature and your physical body.

The Sacral, Orange, The Sacral connects you to physical pleasures and creativity.

The Solar Plexus, Yellow, The Solar Plexus connects you to your personal emotional power.

The Heart, Green, The Heart connects you too feeling and giving love and compassion.

The Throat, Blue, The Throat connects you to expressing truth and communication with integrity.

The Third Eye, Purple, The Third Eye connects you with your intuition and strengthens your instincts.

The Crown, Violet-White, The Crown connects you with the divine and all universal energy.

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