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How can Emotional Trauma manifest into Illness?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Illness comes in many shapes and forms, it can be mental, physical and emotional. It can

interfere and hinder your everyday life and stop you in your tracks. Is it possible that

something difficult or traumatic that happened to you 10/20/30 years ago, manifests itself as

illness today?

The answer is yes!

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves but they cannot do this on their own. They need

help from us. As we grow up we learn that our body is only a vessel for our spirit to live in.

This means that when we get sick physically, it is a reflection of something that is not right in

our lives emotionally or spiritually. It’s important to understand how our emotions can affect

our health so we can take steps toward healing ourselves through self-care and good


Trapped Emotions are energy that gets stuck in the body when we find a situation or event

too difficult to work through at the time. We effectively ‘leave it for later, for when we have

more time and headspace to re-examine and deal with it. Unfortunately for most, that time

never comes and it stays stuck in the body stagnant causing issues and attracting echoes of

that situation to reoccur. This can be so disruptive and develop into physical and emotional

illness in the body.

Do you feel ‘let down' by your spouse/partner/loved one, even though you know they love

you dearly but you can’t shake that niggle?

That could be an echo of Trapped Emotions.

Do you suffer from back pain, no matter how many times you have been seen by a medical


That could be an echo of Trapped Emotions.

Do you feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed in crowded places, enough for it to halt your

social experiences with friends?

That could be an echo of Trapped Emotions.

But, what can help?

The emotion code can identify the root emotion that has been trapped and with muscle

testing and magnet therapy it can be removed out of the subconscious and energy field.

This allows the body to rebalance and kick into healing action with the energy healing from a

session. As an Emotion Code Practitioner and Energy Healer, I specialise in helping you get

the most effective and efficient way of healing that suits you in your everyday life. I love my

job as I have healed from emotional trauma myself and now I have the honour of helping my


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